Due Diligence

When considering the purchase of a pipeline or pipeline system from another operator, it is essential to obtain the best

possible assessment of the status and value of the particular assets. Usually these “due-diligence”

reviews must be conducted within a short period of time with limited access to the documents associated with

the assets. Getting an accurate picture under these circumstances requires that you have at your disposal,

a team of well-qualified experts who can size up the data and provide a clear, concise and accurate report

for the decision-makers. Kiefner and Associates, Inc. can provide experts to assist your company with due-diligence coverage of:

  • pipeline materials (age, type, and any inherent problems)
  • pipeline integrity management plans
  • in-line inspection and hydrostatic test results
  • repair and maintenance history
  • possible pipeline integrity problems
  • overall status of system integrity
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